About The Designer

The saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is nothing new to this budding designer except in her case it's the Passion Fruit.

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Asha is no stranger when it comes to the aesthetics of fashion and design. Citing her earliest memories as sitting along side a Singer watching her mother diligently craft and create beautiful garments Asha knew that she would one day do the same. Although her mother made garments for a means of pleasure and survival in Asha's tiny heart she knew that she wanted to do something more. Through out the years she explored different creative mediums. It was not until she hit the age of 14 did she realize that her love of fashion would really be able to grow, if she only took advantage of the big fashion playground that surrounded her.

Her determination lead her to a Fashion Art class at F.I.T as well as swooped her up into the networking world of New York's fast paced fashion scene. Soon enough Asha was creating weekly blog post, attending fashion shows, meeting models (like Chanel Iman) and shaking hands with people that would change her life forever. For the next 2 years Asha began to build a name for her self while exploring and cultivating her sweet and spunky sense of style.

By the end of 2008 Asha knew that fashion was it but through an elective art class at school found another passion that she had for Photography. Instantly falling in love with the camera and the journey of life through her eyes that she was able to introduce through her photos it took Asha no time to quickly incorporate it into her fashion work.

In the future Asha hopes to become a photojournalist that is able to share with the world the vision and beauty in not just the fashions of other cultures but the rich appreciation for arts and life. She hopes that through her photography work she is able to bring a joy and awareness of life beyond our four walls to your local art galleries, living rooms, bedrooms and any other place in your homes and with her clothing brand bring joy and a sense of self awareness to peoples minds, hearts, bodys, and souls as well as their closets. ;)

Asha understands that through this great work she is able to expand on her passions of fashion, photography and compassion for people and hopes to give a voice through photography and carefully constructed garments to those who don't always have the chance to speak aloud.